Bridget Gwinnett, Founding Member

Bridget Gwinnett began working with children as a Child and Adolescent Therapist in a clinical mental health setting, and then in private practice. As the Upper School Counselor at Greensboro Day School (NC), she seeks to support students in the hard work of being a teenager, provide parents with tools for handling the everyday experience of raising adolescents, and supply teachers with the resources to deliver challenging quality instruction while recognizing the developmental and emotional needs of their students. In addition to counseling, Bridget works with students in Health and Wellness, First Year Foundations, and teaches AP Psychology. To plant the seeds of servant leadership and help students discover their purpose, she requires that they attend to how they are shaping their identities, consider their responsibility to others, and imagine the ways they will impact their communities. Bridget holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology; is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor; and is a licensed trainer in Restorative Practice.