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"Streight" From the Heart

If the goal of education is developing good citizens—helping young people want to develop their strengths, find their passions, and use their hearts and minds to make the world a better place— then the way we "do school" is even more effective than the curriculum used or the academic knowledge transmitted.

Heart of Character

Heart of Character is a passionate team of educators who believe that lasting academic success, positive character development, and well-being arise from a single strong foundation. Building this foundation requires providing for Autonomy, Belonging, and Competence - three psychological needs defined by decades of rigorous research in self-determination theory. Satisfying these ABCs should be intentional in great schools.

Promoting practices grounded in these essentials, we support teachers and administrators in shaping a school where connected, internally motivated learners go to work in - and help create - a caring community. They move toward challenges with excitement, eager to change their world for the better. Our collective future brightens.

In Heart of Character’s professional development opportunities, consultation, and shared resources, we offer research-driven practices that create an ethical foundation for all mission-driven school programs.

A Heart for this Work

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