Heart of Character promotes infusing the tenets of autonomy, belonging, and competence to enrich the culture of a school community and build the foundation for academic success and emotional well-being: growing good kids. We think this premise is inarguable – and there are as many ways to shift a culture as there are people who want to do it. Whether your school has a feeling something is not working, a hopeful idea, a vague plan, a clear vision, or even a strategic plan, the Heart of Character team can facilitate the planning process and spur collaborative implementation.






Heart of Character believes that the immediate impact of our professional development in schools is the well-being of faculty and staff and the transfer of that to the school community. We support administration and teachers working together to clarify the role of autonomy, belonging, and competence in the daily life of the school. Heart of Character will provide and help create specific strategies and tools to strengthen the sense of well-being in the school.







Evidence-Based Practices

Heart of Character provides practical strategies to infuse moral and ethical development into the school culture. The outcome is a community of faculty, parents, and students focused on social and emotional well-being underlying academic success.





The Heart of Character team brings expertise in the fields of leadership, character development, social and emotional learning, ethical literacy, and academic success. Our years of experience span K-12, independent and public schools, and classroom and administration. We bring perspective from Oregon to Maine. We know each other and like each other; we have worked together in various capacities for more than a dozen years.