The term “heart of character” comes from the writing of David Streight, whose book Breaking into the Heart of Character: Self-Determined Moral Action and Academic Motivation, published by CSEE, is currently in its third edition. Compiling evidence-based practices, this book focuses on educators’ ability to catalyze internal motivation, and promote social growth and moral climates. The practices outlined in this book can be implemented by every teacher, in every class, every day.
Author and educator Kelly Sipe believes that children are innately born with a belief in the power of the impossible. As children grow older and begin to face life’s challenges, they too often lose this perception. What It Takes to Be a Hero reminds children that their voices are strong, their hands are big, and the choices they make are powerful enough to make a difference in the lives of those around them.
Tim Leet, in his first publication, introduces the thoughtful study of values, ethics, and character. Ethics and Identity is a textbook for high school students designed to help adolescents navigate the increasing complexity of their lives.  Too old to be called “good kids” but not yet equipped for the burdens of moral adulthood, adolescents struggle with essential identity questions during these years.  In this book students are encouraged to take charge of that process and to consciously cultivate the virtues around which those identities are taking shape.         Available on iTunes and Amazon