Junior Nicklaus Li at Greensboro Day School began Ceramics I in tenth grade. The first time his class stood sentry at the wood-fired kiln, Nick was hooked. Nick shares that working the clay helps him calm down and empty his mind. He says this helps him “see with my hands, not my eyes.” Although he is not taking a Ceramics class this semester, he spends his open periods with the clay.

Nick credits his first art teacher, Carey Jackson Adams, with encouraging him to create and use art to express what he wants to say about the world and share it with others, to impact others, and to be original.

Nick is visiting art schools and continuing to grow as a visual artist as he considers the next steps in his career. What started as something to reduce stress has shined a light on a true gift, and developed into a desire to make the world a more beautiful place.┬áThe piece Nick’s sculpting will be fired and placed on the chimney of the wood-fired kiln, where the passion began, to simulate the smoke from a dragon’s mouth. Beauty in function; purpose through passion.