An Update on Academic Integrity: Proactive Measures That Reinforce Honesty in our Students

As technology has evolved, it has become easier than ever for our students to cheat and plagiarize.  While disciplinary responses are still used as deterrents, the goal of more proactive measures is to help students reinforce habits of honesty in their work.  Using a combination of education, innovative course design, and varied forms of assessment, we can help our students make better choices. This one-day workshop will introduce attendees to some of the current efforts in colleges, universities, and independent schools and will provide an opportunity for participants to consider new options for their schools. 

Participants will:

  • Hear updates on current trends in Academic Integrity in Colleges and Universities.
  • Learn about the resources available to independent schools.
  • Learn about specific measures that can be implemented in any school setting that can decrease academic dishonesty.
  • Spend time considering potential strategies for their school.