The Heart of a Student-Centered Classroom: Putting Student Experience in the Center of the Conversation

We know that people flourish in some environments and struggle in others, and students are people first.  The foundation of a student-centered classroom requires that we meet some fundamental psychological needs of our very human students.  These needs are neither guesswork nor based on intuition and a few anecdotes. This one-day workshop will be grounded in over four decades of psychological research that clearly identifies the three keys to shaping student-centered cultures.  Not only are these the keys to unlocking energy and engagement in the classroom, they also lie at the heart of character development, internal motivation, and well being. Whether deploying a promising new SEL curriculum or re-imagining the school’s discipline philosophy, we will multiply our success by placing the student experience in the center of our thinking.

Participants will:

  • Learn the science behind our basic psychological needs and the positive impact on learning and character development that comes from having those needs met.
  • Take a look at their own practice and locate its center, whether it be the students, the curriculum, state-mandated standards, etc.
  • Workshop with colleagues to consider ways to put students in the center.
  • Leave with a plan to experiment with incremental changes in your own practice.