Student Leadership Isn’t Enough: Promoting Ethical Leadership in Your School Community

Leadership is not just for those who have a title–leadership is about the choices we make each day that have the capacity to make our communities better and stronger. For those who don’t have an established leadership program, this one-day workshop will provide the rationale and core elements for developing one. For those who have a student leadership program, this workshop will challenge you to think about leadership differently and will give you options to consider as you continue your work with students.  As part of this workshop, all participants will have the opportunity to work on “next steps” for their school community.  

Participants will:

  • Hear about a different vision of student leadership training.
  • Learn about the research that supports this vision.
  • Learn about specific measures that can promote Ethical Leadership in your school.
  • Spend time considering strategies for implementation of specific measures at your school.