The Art and Science of Intrinsic Motivation

Somewhere along the way the joy of learning in childhood too often becomes the chore of schooling in middle and upper grades.  Why does this happen? No doubt the reasons for this sad change are complex, and some causes lie outside our control. But many of the causes are very much within our control, and the factors that drive student motivation are less complicated than many people think.   A few carefully chosen tweaks to an existing lesson can make all the difference. Participants in this one-day workshop will learn the science of motivation and the art of fostering three core principles demonstrated to make motivation more internal. Whether leading a classroom, implementing an SEL program, or working on service-learning, you will multiply your success by nurturing these principles.  

Participants will:

  • Discuss the clear power of internal over external motivators.
  • Learn about the research that helps us understand how to move motivation inward.
  • Learn the three pillars of student motivation.
  • Collaborate with colleagues to address challenges specific to your home school or classroom.