Discipline and Restoration: Aligning Philosophy and Policy

All schools have mission statements, and those statements usually include language around values and character that go beyond the academic purpose of the institution.  Likewise, all schools have a system of discipline, generally described in the student handbook and often supported by a formal committee including students. During this one-day workshop we will take a careful look at the relationship between the values expressed in our missions and the practices and policies of our discipline systems. Are these two aspects of the school aligned?  Does the discipline system reflect the values articulated in the school’s mission? This workshop is an opportunity to learn how Restorative Practices can be that bridge between philosophy and policy.  

Participants will:

  • Discuss with colleagues the relationship between the mission values and a school’s system of discipline.  
  • Learn the core elements of Restorative Practice in discipline.
  • Recognize the connection between Restorative Practices and character development.
  • Identify next steps for exploring Restorative Practices in their schools.