Advising to Reach Both Heart and Mind – Internal Motivation at its Best

Every school’s advisory program is different. Are you satisfied with yours? In this one-day workshop we will review the principles behind having an advisory system, explore the typical elements of an advisory, and work together to strengthen what already exists. A successful Advising Program has the capacity to make our communities better and stronger. For those who don’t have an established advisory program, this workshop will provide the rationale and core elements for developing one. For those who have established a program, this workshop will challenge you to think about advising differently and will give you options to consider as you continue your work with students.  As part of this workshop, all participants will have the opportunity to work on “next steps” for their school community.  

Participants will:

  • Learn how Advisory Programs can be energized by focusing on the keys to unlocking internal motivation.
  • Hear the story of one school’s journey toward a successful Advisory Program.
  • Learn about specific measures that can promote a successful Advisory and explore their own program in relation to these measures.
  • Collaborate and plan with colleagues and leave with a plan and action steps.