Redefining Character Education:

Better Answers to Old Questions

Join Heart of Character and the North Carolina Association of Independent Schools as we offer four foundational days devoted to excellence in school programs for character development, social-emotional learning, and academic inquiry.

Our rich gathering of K-12 educators is suited to all audiences, whether you are a new classroom teacher or a seasoned school administrator.   Theory and practice are woven together in an exchange of ideas that promises useful strategies and practical activities as well as a deep understanding of the essential theory that makes those strategies and activities so effective.  

Our program includes a full day with North America’s best-known character educator, Thomas Lickona, as well as a strategy-and-skills session with David Streight, author of Breaking into the Heart of Character.  Tom and David’s contributions to this event are tied together by the Heart of Character team, character educators from independent schools across country with over a century of combined experience in schools.

What is unique about the Heart of Character approach?

The Heart of Character approach works on two levels.  We help educators understand how to practically pursue their schools’ character development goals. The deeper level of this team’s work points the way toward the three essential practices that lay the foundation for both academic motivation and the internalized desire to treat others with the kindness, respect, and compassion.  The attention given to these goals does not come at the expense of academics.  In fact, research convincingly shows that academic work is stronger when we nurture these elements of our mission.

Who should attend the Heart of Character Summer Institute?

K-12 administrators, deans of students, character and SEL educators, classroom teachers, coaches, and others who work with young people.

A few of the topics to be explored:

Building Positive Relationships: The True Heart of Character Education with Thomas Lickona

Self-discipline, Self-regulation, Self-control: How Do We Teach the Six Essential Skills? with David Streight


What’s Holding Up Your School?  Foundations in Autonomy, Belonging, and Competence

Turning Theory into Practice: An Interactive Workshop of Best Practices

Our Story: How Fostering Autonomy Changed a School

And more…