From Belonging to Culture to Character     

Join the Heart of Character team for four days of focused learning around best practices that foster positive character development and anchor successful SEL programs. Our learning is firmly rooted in research, but the programming is equally committed to building a fun, connected community of educators. Join us at the picturesque Carey Institute for Global Good, and see what simple changes you can make in your teaching that will return large gains in both learning and character growth. School administrators and SEL professionals will learn how elevating specific priorities in school culture can supercharge SEL work and elevate academic achievement at the same time. Enriched by guest experts from around the country, the Character Education Summer Institute is one of the richest experiences available to educators committed to the minds and hearts of every student.




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What is unique about the Heart of Character approach?

The Heart of Character approach works on two levels.  We help educators understand how to practically pursue their schools’ character development goals. The deeper level of this team’s work points the way toward the three essential practices that lay the foundation for both academic motivation and the internalized desire to treat others with the kindness, respect, and compassion.  The attention given to these goals does not come at the expense of academics.  In fact, research convincingly shows that academic work is stronger when we nurture these elements of our mission.

Who should attend the Heart of Character Summer Institute?

K-12 administrators, deans of students, character and SEL educators, classroom teachers, coaches, and others who work with young people.


Featured Guest: 

Ross Wehner is Founder of World Leadership School and TeachUNITED, which partner with a diverse range of K-12 schools to reimagine learning and create next-generation leaders. Ross is also Founding Partner of World Action Teams, the mission of which is to help corporations develop leaders who create value for business and society. Ross’ approach to leadership development integrates his work as a journalist, teacher and wilderness educator. As a journalist, Ross covered the end of Chile’s Pinochet regime for the San Francisco Chronicle in 1990. For the next five years, he reported from around Latin America on climate change, human rights, outdoor adventure and other topics for Mother Jones, Utne Reader, Outside, and other magazines. As a teacher, Ross worked at The Miller School in Crozet, Virginia, The Bush School in Seattle, and the University of Virginia, where he received an MA in Spanish American literature. Ross has also worked as a wilderness instructor for the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS). Ross is working on a book exploring purpose learning in a range of K-12 schools, and has worked alongside Richard Leider in corporate leadership development programs designed to help executives develop a sense of purpose.



Adjunct Speakers:

Pascal Losambe currently serves as the Upper School Dean of Students at Columbus Academy in Columbus, Ohio. He earned his undergraduate degree at Middlebury College before attending Boston College where he obtained a master’s degree in Biology and received the Donald J. White award for teaching excellence, a distinguished honor given annually to graduate instructors. Pascal is completing his PhD in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at Purdue University with a focus on cultural competence and student achievement. In addition, Pascal is part of the Independent School Association of the Central States (ISACS) Equity and Justice Committee and has conducted multiple workshops at the National Association of Independent School (NAIS) People of Color Conference. Pascal and his wife, Crystal, have a four-year-old daughter, Marielle.

Dr. Beckett Broh is the Director of Diversity and Community Life at Columbus Academy in Columbus, Ohio. She earned her MA and PhD in Sociology from The Ohio State University where she studied educational inequality, particularly how race and socioeconomic status affect “summer setback” for young students. Previous to joining Columbus Academy, Beckett served on the faculty at two universities where her worked focused on understanding racial/ethnic inequality, particularly in education.   She is passionate about helping schools use scientific knowledge to inform their educational practices. Beckett also serves on the Equity and Justice Committee for the Independent Schools Association of the Central States (ISACS) and frequently leads workshops and training on cultural competency and implicit bias in schools. Beckett lives in Worthington with her two children, and enjoys family time, sports, and coaching.

David Streight taught and worked as a school psychologist in public and independent schools in the Portland (OR) area before being named executive director of the Center for Spiritual and Ethical Education in 2004. He left CSEE in 2015 to begin serving as senior fellow for Grab the Torch. David is the author, editor or contributing editor for a number of short books for educators or parents, all reflecting his primary interest in fostering goodness in young people and the society they will soon be enriching. Among the most important of these are Breaking into the Heart of Character: Self-Determined Moral Action and Academic Motivation(2013), Parenting for Character: Five Experts, Five Practices (2008), and Structure and Guts of Character Education (2015).

Additional staff includes Michelle Bostian, Anne Cass, Lee Dieck, Bridget Gwinett, Tim Leet, Damaris MacLean